Our Philosophy

Our developmental philosophy is based on the belief that children learn through play and hands-on experiences that are concrete and developmentally age-appropriate.  “Play is the work of children.”   The key to our program is the understanding that children are learning every moment.  The staff at HPCC will provide opportunities for development through:

• Nurturing spiritual growth by modeling love, compassion, respect, empathy and daily prayer
• Firsthand experiences by interacting with teachers and other children
• Encouraging independence
• Promoting problem solving and conflict resolution skills in all areas
• Sparking curiosity and wonder
• Various language experiences (story time, listening centers, etc)
• Activities which enhance growth of fine and gross motor skills
• Fostering creative expression through art, music, dance, language and dramatic play
• Aiding children in developing a positive attitude toward school and life long learning
• Honoring each child’s timetable for growth
• Providing an environment where children can experience and respect cultural diversity
• Supporting parents through good communication and education
• An inclusive program that integrates families with special needs
• Guiding and supporting families seeking help with their children
• Developing a supportive, caring community with the school families and staff
• We strive to provide plenty of opportunities for each child to:
• Discover, experiment, ask questions, problem solve, dream, create, explore, care for animals, role play, build, get messy, run, climb, figure out, predict, nurture, sing, dance, develop language and be a child.

This is all a part of early childhood education.  They need to enhance their sense of curiosity and wonder before they are ready for academics.   As staff members, we feel that we have been called to work with children and we love what we do.  We believe in the whole program and the whole family, but most of all we believe in the whole child.