We look forward to talking to you about how you can become a part of the HPCC Family. If you have any questions that are not answered here on the website, or if you’d like to start the application process for your child, please contact us.

Admission Process

Children are admitted to the program when it is determined that space is available in their age group and that program is determined to be appropriate in meeting their needs. Parents will be notified by phone that we have a space for their child. The following forms are required:

  • Registration Form
  • Emergency Card & Kit
  • Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Identification and Emergency Information
  • Physician’s Report
  • Admission Agreement

  • Pre-Admission Health History
  • Child Abuse Pamphlet tear-off
  • Notification of Parent’s Rights
  • Personal Rights
  • Parent Handbook Receipt
  • Key Deposit Form
  • Sunscreen Permission Slip

All of these forms are required before your child can start at HPCC.


Enrollment for presently enrolled families is in February before the Summer and Fall Sessions begin. We then determine how many spaces we have, then all open spaces are filled from our waiting list. In order to get on the waiting list, families must take a tour of the school and then be added to the waiting list. Open spaces are filled in March and April, and throughout the year from the waiting list.


Tuition is due on the first of every month for that month. Parents will be supplied with a “Tuition Agreement” which will determine exact monthly fees based on your child’s particular schedule at HPCC. When 2 or more children attend HPCC a 10% discount will be given.

The current rates, as of July 1, 2017, are as follows:

Half Days Full Days
2 days T/Th $375 2 days T/Th $675
3 days MWF $515 3 days MWF $865
5 days M-F $820 5 days M-F $1070


Half Day Session:   8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Full Day Session:    7:30 M – 6:00 PM

Children in diapers will have $30 a month added to their monthly tuition

Registration Fee: $275
Yearly Re-registration Fee: $150
Summer Activity Fee: Full summer $300, 4 weeks $150