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Top 10 Tips/Reminders:

1.    Children learn through play! Therefore, clothes are going to get dirty and full of paint. Please dress them in play clothes.

2. Make sure that your child is wearing appropriate shoes for play.  Closed toe shoes with rubber soles are best for the playground.  Please, no flip-flops, wedged heels, high-heeled shoes, or crocs.

3.    Always have extra clothes for your child in his/her cubby.  Make sure that everything is labeled with your child’s name as things might get misplaced.

4.    If your child needs medication while being at school, please fill out a medication form in the office with Lorrie where all medications are kept.

5. It is always exciting for a child to bring a special snack for their classmates.  Please, make sure it’s nutritious and nut free, since we have children with severe allergies. Only mini-cupcakes, fresh fruit or small cookies are allowed for celebrating birthdays. No cakes, and please let the teachers know in advance if you do decide to share something special with the children.

6. It is very important that children’s mailboxes are checked daily for notices and art work.  These are located by the entrance through the hallway.

7. For half day children, pick up is at 12:30 pm. Please be on time in picking up your child for the classroom is used for napping.

8. For full day class, children need to be picked up by 6:00 PM.

9.    If you need to speak to the teacher, please do not do this during the morning or afternoon drop off or pick up or during lunch time. The teachers can make arrangements to speak with you or you can give the teacher a note. The teachers need to keep their eyes on the children to prevent problems, especially on the playground. You can always email the classroom teachers.

10. Signing in and out is imperative.  There is a $20 fine for each infraction.