Welcome to the Diamond Room!

Please refer to the Parent Letter provided at Parent Night for our expectations and important classroom information. 

Diamond Room Schedule:

7:30AM School opens/ Children gather in Circle Room

8:30AM Playground/ All classrooms

9:15AM Ladybugs Circle Time / Busy Bees Yard Time: Easel painting, manipulatives, gardening.

9:35AM Busy Bees Circle Time / Crazy Ladybugs Yard Time: Easel painting, manipulatives, gardening.

10:00AM All children come together and have snack

10:15AM All children inside the classroom: letter projects and free choice time

11:30AM All children / 2nd circle: review of the morning

11:45AM Lunch time

12:30PM Morning program ends, half day children will be picked up from the playground by 12:30.  Full day children prepare for rest time.

1:00PM Lights out for sleepy and resting children in the Star Room

2:30PM Wake-up time

3:00PM Snack time

3:30PM Playground/ All classrooms

4:45PM Circle time in the Circle Room/ All classrooms

6:00PM School closes, please refer to parent handbook on late pickups.