Welcome to the Star Room

Please download the letter to parents below to read more about our curriculum and classroom goals.

Star Room Schedule

7:30AM   School opens/ Children meet in Circle Room

8:30-9:15   Playground/All Classrooms

9:20   Line up from playground

9:30   Snack time in the classroom

9:45-10:05   1st Circle Time

10:05-10:30   2nd Circle Time

10:30-11:15   Free Choice Activity

11:15   Clean-Up Time

11:40-12:10   Lunch time

12:10-12:30   Playground Time

12:30   Morning Program Ends/Parents must pick up half day children from the playground

1:00   Nap time for full day children

2:30   Wake-Up time

3:00   Snack Time

3:30   Playground/All classrooms

4:45   Circle time and project in the classroom

6:00   School Closes

Download Files
Star Letter 2015
star room curriculum 2015-2016