Our Staff

Our program offers 4 classrooms, each targeted to a specific age range to provide the most appropriate and nurturing environment for each child. Each room has dedicated staff to support the needs of the class. HPCC is led by our devoted Director, Pam Tuszynski, Assistant Director & Lead Teacher, and Office Manager, Lorrie Work.

Anita Hakoupians
I have been in the Early Childhood field since 1998. My first experience was at St. Mark’s Day school in Glendale. I have been at HPCC since July 2000. I have worked with three-year-old children for the past 17 years. It is a stage I love because I like observing and seeing how they learn and grow. I speak three different languages; Armenian, Farsi. I am very interested in sign language and use it in the classroom with the children. My husband is Edmond and we have two adult sons; Sevan and Sasoon, daughter-in-law, Nyree and three wonderfully treasured grandchildren.

Evet Hovsepian
I have been in the childcare field since 1998. I received my BA in Child Development degree from CSUN. While attending CSUN, I received experience by working at different schools. I started working at HPCC in November 2004. I started as a Teaching Assistant and then became a Lead Teacher in 2007. I have worked with all the age groups. I am married and have two wonderful daughters.

Sandra Larios
I’ve worked at HPCC since 1999. I began as an assistant teacher in the three year old room. I became a lead teacher in the Circle Room for many years. I have worked with all the age groups. I am continuing my education at East LA City College. I am a Sunday School teacher for my church. I am married and have four wonderful children. Working at HPCC is a wonderful experience and blessing for me and my family.

Cara Liles
Thank you for welcoming me to the HPCC family this year! Though new to the school, I have lived in the neighborhood for over fifteen years and truly feel like a part of this great community. I have spent the last two years raising my son, Henry, who also began at HPCC this September and both of us love our caring and nurturing new home.

I earned my Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Communications from the University of Arizona. After moving to Los Feliz and working several years in television production, I had my first son, Jackson. Watching him discover his world and develop his individual strengths and talents inspired me to go back to school to learn about the processes of a child’s development. I worked and played with ages two through six while at LACC and LAVC where I also earned my credits in Child Development for my Master Teacher Permit. In the Spring, I’ll start working towards my Masters at Cal State. I have learned in college and in my own classrooms that the early years are an exciting time of remarkable growth when children are learning many new skills. It’s my privilege to be able to offer care and guidance as your children navigate towards physical, intellectual, and social-emotional milestones during their years here at HPCC. I’m blessed to have an opportunity to help your children explore the world they live in through creative learning experiences and challenging opportunities.

Ann Reeves
I am very grateful to be part of the HPCC team. I attended Valley College and have been in the child care field. I thoroughly enjoy working with children. I am very blessed to be a part of your child’s life and in their growth and development. In 1989, I became a teacher at Horace Mann’s Children’s Center in Burbank. The teacher I was working with was pregnant and said to me, “I only want you to watch my baby.” She asked if I would consider opening a home daycare. My children were little and I thought that would be a great idea. I opened and managed my own home daycare from 1993 until 1999. During this time, I also worked as a substitute teacher at Disney’s Children’s Center, Burbank Unified School District and Warner Bros. Children’s Center. In 1999 until 2006, I worked as a teacher at Village Christian Pre-school. I re-opened my home daycare center in 2006 until 2011. I have been married since 1984 to my husband Greg. We have two amazing children; our son Greg Jr. and our daughter, Lachelle.

Maria Elena Renteria
I started working at HPCC in 2001. I became a Lead Teacher in 2007. I have had experience in all the classrooms and each age has its rewards and challenges. I really enjoy working with the two year olds. Their language is expanding so quickly. They get so excited about their accomplishments. I am thrilled to help them to grow and develop. I have three grown children and am a grandmother of ten.

Maria Valdez
I have been part of the HPCC community since July of 2014. I graduated from CSULA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development in June of 2015. I have worked as a tutor for the L.A. Unified Elementary schools for two year between the ages of Kindergarten and sixth grade. I have also worked with college students as a facilitator and a Team Leader for the Student Academic Support Program in CSULA for 3 years. I am now an assistant teacher and I am very excited to be part of the Diamond room team. As an educator I strongly believe that all educators and especially parents have an important role in a child’s growth. We have a very important responsibility in shaping the minds, body, and spirit of a young child. That is why it is essential to provide a child with developmental opportunities and be there to guide and teach them.

Esther Villegas
I attended LA Valley College in Valley Glen CA. I have many different experiences working with children; at a recreation center in LA and Burbank and at HPCC. I have worked at HPCC since 2006.   I’ve worked in the Child Development field since 2005. Pam gave me an opportunity to attend the Outdoor Classroom training at JPL. This course is about the positive impact the outdoors has on a child’s development. I love teaching preschool children, in a fun, nurturing and spiritual environment that focuses on the whole child. The HPCC families and co-workers are great.

Karina Recinos
I discovered my passion for children 13 years ago when I started working in the Nursery at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.  I enjoyed working with babies and toddlers and eventually added private caregiver to my resume.  I am currently working towards my AA Degree at Pasadena City College. Since I started school I have been able to understand why I enjoyed being around children.   It is very fulfilling to see the different stages of development among children and being able to guide them to the next stage as they growth.  I am very excited to start working at HPCC the summer of 2016.  I am really fortunate for the opportunity to work with children because I believe it’s a two way street, we will learn from each other.

Marbel Torres-Sanchez
It is absolutely a pleasure and honor to join the HPCC community. Teachers, parents, and of course the wonderful children have been incredible. I am extremely thankful to join into this amazing community. I am currently attending CSULA and obtaining a BA in Child Development. Apart from having experiences from my practicum classes, I’ve worked with preschool and school aged children. I may not have much experience working with children but what I do know is that I truly enjoy working with children. Throughout my child development courses I’ve learned that children are like “sponges” as one of my teachers said they absorb everything as they learn and grow every day.

Marcy Meija
It has been a year since I started working at a child care center and just recently started at HPCC. Aside from that, I am currently working on obtaining my BA at Cal State LA and hope to obtain my MA as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am very passionate about children especially the younger ones. I have worked with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and high school students. I do not have any children of my own, but treat and take care of all like if they were mine. In the short time that I have been in the field, I took Ian, Grayson, and Aviva as if they were my own. They have shaped my life, feelings and thoughts. They are a great part of my life and I LOVE them very much.

Overall, I love what I do. I enjoy interacting with children and taking part of their development. My main priority are the children and their needs. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work at HPCC where staffs, children, and parents make you feel like family.

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